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Roundtable discussion on issues of smoking among pregnant women to take place in Kazan

A round table “Limitation of smoking among pregnant women in Kazan” will take place at RT Chamber of Commerce and Industry on September 27. The event is organized by the Center of Social Initiatives.
Representatives of the republican legislative and executive power in the field of health care and social defense, representatives of maternity hospitals, antenatal clinics, centers of family planning and journalists will take part in the round table.
It is envisaged that various aspects of struggle against smoking among women will be discussed within the framework of the meeting. Specialists will also tell about prophylaxis and prevention of smoking

Pregnancy has positive impact on health of AIDS-infected women

Pregnancy has a positive impact on health of AIDS-infected women, researches of Vanderbilt University say.
During 7 years, the researchers have been observing the health status of almost 760 AIDS-infected women. 71% of women have been receiving a highly active antiretroviral therapy. Before this treatment method was created, HIV/AIDS infected women were considered to give birth to HIV/AIDS-positive children in 25% of cases. After application of the highly active therapy, the number of HIV/AIDS-positive children born to HIV/AIDS-infected mothers decreased to 1%.
According to the research, disease activity in pregnant HIV/AIDS-positive women was considerably lower than in HIV/AIDS-infected women, who were not pregnant. It should be noted, that this effect continues even after childbirth. Those women, who had been pregnant several times, felt themselves even better, than those, who were pregnant for the first time. The researchers of Vanderbilt University can not explain this effect. Though, they suppose, that immunological changes in organism of a pregnant woman increase efficiency of medicines.

Vaccine- effective way of protection against flu

Immunization with modern influenza vaccines is the best, scientifically grounded and affordable way of protection against the flu, head of the scientific-and-organizing department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMN) in Saint Petersburg Yelena Doroshenko said during a theoretical and practical conference “Flu and acute respiratory viral infection, modern status of the problem. Main lines of prophylaxis,” which was held in Kazan yesterday.

According to the World Health Organization, vaccination for influenza prevents 80-90% of vaccinated individuals from getting the flu.


October to be the month of struggle against breast cancer in Tatarstan

A press conference devoted to the issues of prophylaxis and detection of breast cancer took place at Tatmedia Agency.
Head Physician of the Clinical oncology centre of Ministry of Health Care of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustem Khasanov, first Deputy of the Head Physician of Kazan oncology hospital Victor Katzenelson, Head of the reference-center of RT Clinical oncology centre of Ministry of Health Care and Head of the Department of Insured Rights Protection of AK BARS-MED Insurance Company LTD took part in the discussion.
A proposal to name October the month of fight against breast cancer was made by RT Public Chamber. The month of fight against cancer will also include informational campaign: TV and radio broadcast and publications in Mass media. The “lessons of health” will be conducted for senior pupils. During the lessons, girls will receive information about breast cancer and mastopathy.

Reference center created on basis of RT Clinical oncology center of Ministry of Health Care

“A Reference center was created on the basis of RT Clinical oncology center of Ministry of Health,” Head Physician of the Clinical oncology centre Rustem Khasanov said at a press conference, which was held at Tatmedia Agency.
According to Head of the Reference center Renat Gamirov, staff members include radiologists- specialists dealing with mammographic images in order to diagnose or treat disease and roentgen – laboratory assistants trained at the best hospitals of Moscow.
The Reference center possesses a stationary mammograph, an analogue nannograph and two mobile mammographs.
“The main purpose of the center is not only to examine as many women in the Republic as possible, but also to coordinate work of radiologists of the Republic, we will assist in examination of mammographic images and will give consultations,” Renat Gamirov noted. According to his words, another purpose of the center is to train competent specialists and professionals.

Kazan pensioners to receive free mammologists’ consultations

AK BARS-MED Insurance Company LTD provides free consultations of mammologists and oncologists for the insured people, Head of the Department of Insured Rights Protection of AK BARS-MED Insurance Company LTD Albina Yunusova said at a press conference, which took place at Tatmedia agency. The first action will be held in Kazan on September 22, the second will take place in Naberezhnye Chelny on September 29.
According to Albina Yunusova, unemployed women over 55 are at an increased risk of breast cancer developing. This group of people is insured by AK BARS-MED Company. Thus, every young or elderly woman insured by the Company can receive free consultation of mammologist or oncologist.

Largest Russia’s center of children’s leukemia treatment opens in Saint Petersburg

A solemn opening ceremony of the largest Russia’s center of children’s leukemia treatment – the Institute of children’s hematology and transplantology named after Raisa Gorbacheva- will be held in Saint Petersburg today.
Michael Gorbachev, head of the Public Chamber's healthcare commission Leonid Roshal, Chairman of the Council of Federation Sergey Mironov, president of the European association of hematologists William Fibbe, head of the bone marrow donor Register Torsten Igelend, leading specialists from the Russian Federation, Byelorussia, Europe, the USA will take part in the ceremony
This unique center is the first and the only project of such kind in Russia: the funds of Russian and foreign sponsors were obtained with the help of the social organization and private individuals in order to create the center for children with leukemia. The initiative was approved and supported by the Russian Government - the main sponsor of the project.
The 12- floored Institute has an area of 5500 square meters, modern medical and engineering equipment. The center contains policlinic, day hospital, clinical laboratory, transfusiology department, departments of resuscitation and intensive care. The institute also contains department of laboratory diagnostics, laboratory of molecular biology and gene therapy of oncohematological diseases, laboratories of hemopoietic cells quality control, pathomorphology, histocompatibility matching, cytogenetics, cultivation and immunology.

Pocket guideline for management of cardiovascular risk published by WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a new book of pocket-charts that will help health workers to identify people at risk of heart attacks and strokes and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.
According to the official website of the WHO, the charts can be adapted for use in any setting, in any country, with any patient. The "Pocket Guidelines for Assessment and Management of Cardiovascular Risk" can be carried and used by any health care worker and is available in six languages. The guide contains easy-to-use charts that can predict the risk of a heart attack or a stroke and could help health workers to save and improve the lives of people in all countries.
"This is a real breakthrough. Now, health care workers everywhere - whether they are in a high-tech medical center in a big city, or riding a bicycle to visit patients in the countryside - can use a simple assessment and treatment tool to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Primary health care workers now have a new tool to assess and manage people at risk of heart attacks and strokes. This brings cardiovascular care to the places and people who need it most," who.int quotes the WHO Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan as saying.
This is the first cardiovascular disease risk-prediction system that can be used worldwide and is also specially designed for use with people everywhere, including in low-resource settings. It is an important innovation that will help health workers to target limited health care resources at people who are at higher risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. These guidelines will be distributed to health workers in the form of pocket guides that have been produced for each of the WHO regions (risk profiles are different for different parts of the world), the official WHO website says.

Alcohol kills 40 thousand people each year in Russia

According to a report by ITAR-TASS Agency, 40,000 people die of alcohol poisoning in Russia annually. It was stated by the first Deputy Interior Minister, Alexander Chekalin at State Duma meeting.
He pointed out that one in five crimes in the country are alcohol-related. Alcoholism is one of the reasons for a growing number of homeless and parentless children, he said.
Chekalin pointed out that alcohol consumption per person increases two-fold a threshold level set by the World Health Organization.
“Over the past 30 years, the share of women alcohol addicts doubled and the age of young alcoholics reduced from 16 to 14 years,” ITAR-TASS quoted Chekalin as saying.

British models not to go to podium without certificate from dietitian

British models may be obliged to bring certificate from dietitian that they don’t have problems with nutrition. Otherwise they will not be permitted to go to podium. This recommendation was worked out by the special committee of searching models’ health. This committee consisted of fashion designers and dietitians.
The members of the committee plan to persuade model agencies to introduce medical examination for the models until September 2008. This measure was offered in the view of fighting with the models of “zero size” in the world podiums.
The campaign against too skinny models started after death of several models, which were suffering from poor nutrition (anorexia and bulimia). During last fashion shows in Madrid several models were not permitted to go to podium due to unhealthy thinness.

Climate change is part of warming and cooling cycle, scientists claim

Global warming is not caused by man-made greenhouse gases, but just a natural event. It is part of a cycle of warming and cooling that happened regularly every 1,500 years for the last million years, two respected British researchers claim.
The most recent global warming was between 1850 and 1940, researchers Authors Dennis Avery and Fred Singer say, and was therefore probably not caused by man-made greenhouse gases. Historical evidence of the natural cycle also includes a record of floods on the Nile going back 5,000 years; Roman wine production in Britain in the first century AD; and thousands of museum paintings that portray sunnier skies during what is called the Medieval Warming, and more clouds during the Little Ice Age.
Besides, they suggest that even if our climate is changing, it is not all bad, because past cold periods have killed twice as many people as warm periods. Moreover, in the current warming cycle, they say there is evidence that storms and droughts have been fewer and milder; corals, trees, birds, mammals and butterflies have adapted well; and sea levels are not rising significantly.

UK govt defends actions over Foot-and-Mouth

EuroNews.com informs that the UK government has defended its handling of foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks this summer, denying claims that they sounded the "all-clear" too soon. Initial tests suggest the latest virus is the same strain which caused two outbreaks in July and August, and if confirmed, fears of a more widespread outbreak should ease. This week's case in Egham came just as the EU announced that the UK was clear of foot-and-mouth.
Britain's Chief Vet, Debby Reynolds said: "The areas include, of course, some sort of contact with an animal which had got undisclosed foot and mouth disease. That simply had not come to light in all of the work that has been done over the last weeks since the beginning of August."
An EU ban on meat, dairy and livestock exports from the UK, which was to have been lifted, has now been re-confirmed. Peter Kendall, the president of the National Farmers' Union said: "The state veterinary service has worked closely with the EU and their veterinary services, and jointly it was decided that the risk was so low (after the earlier outbreaks) that they could lift those restrictions, and as an industry we wanted them lifted."
The farm in Egham has been sealed off, and a 10 kilometre surveillance zone has been established around it. The farmer though, is having to deal with the culling of all his cattle.

Virologists and journalists discussed issues regarding fight against

A training “On the front page of epidemic: HIV/AIDS coverage” took place at Safar Hotel in Kazan yesterday. The special meeting for virologists and journalists was organized on the initiative of the International Organization “Transatlantic partners against AIDS” through the intermediary of the Republican center of AIDS and infectious diseases.
Notable international specialists in the field of HIV/AIDS, journalists from Moscow, Kazan and other cities of the Republic of Tatarstan took part in the meeting: chief producer of the Independent Broadcasting Fund Gennady Syrkov, collaborator of tuberculosis program of the World Health Organization in the RF Olga Oleynik, informational coordinator of the Central and Eastern Europe Harm Reduction Network Gennady Roshupkin, head of subdepartment of medical psychology of Kazan State Medical University, expert of the World Health Organization, epidemiologist of the Republican center of AIDS and infectious diseases Elena Toukhvatullina were among the guests of the training.
The specialists informed journalists about spread and development of HIV-infection in Russia, Tatarstan and in the world. The ways of fighting against HIV/AIDS were also discussed.

Test water on chickens to avoid death

Chinese family from Hainan province tested mineral water on a chicken after the family member number started vomiting blood after drinking a bottle of water, a newspaper said. Reuters reports with reference to the Beijing News.
They fed the luckless chicken the rest of the water to see what would happen, the Beijing News said, citing a report in a local paper. "The result was the chicken died within a minute," it said, showing a picture of a man holding a plastic bottle squatting over the crumpled body of the bird.
The province's authorities were investigating, it added.

RosPotrebNadzor to intensify measures assumed for immunization of Russian citizens

Within the framework of the national project “Health”, RosPotrebNadzor is going to intensify measures assumed for immunization of the Russian citizens in 2008.
According to a resolution signed by the chief sanitary inspector of Russia Gennady Onishenko, these measures will also include additional immunization of the Russian citizens aged 18-55 (who haven’t been vaccinated or haven’t had this disease before) against the viral hepatitis B.
RosPotrebNadzor also expects to receive assistance from the federal agencies in vaccination of adults under 35 years of age, who haven’t been vaccinated or haven’t had this disease before, or do not have information about inoculations, against the measles. In the first place students, recruits, medical workers, teachers and salesclerks will be inoculated. It is also envisaged to realize vaccination against the poliomyelitis among all children under the age of 1 year, to realize immunization against the flu among preschool children, school children, medical workers of schools and adults above 60 years of age.